Bring Financial Wellness to Life

Helping employees with their financial situations is a smart decision – for your people, your business, and your bottom-line. Studies show employees are interested in financial benefits to help them better manage their money, but a balance exists: They want to make their own decisions, but they also seek validation. They are looking for a solution that fits their on-the-go lifestyles, but also the personal touch of someone they can trust for real answers. As their employer, you’re expected to provide this support with the right resources at the right time.

The Financial Advice your Employees Need, When and Where they Need It

The MoneyAdvice@Work® mobile application puts the power of sales-free Money Advisors from Francis Investment Counsel in the palms of your employees’ hands. Through a simple download and registration process, users are matched directly with an advisor. The dialogue begins immediately. Your employees have direct access with an experienced professional whose sole purpose is to listen, educate, advise, and coach. Instead of waiting, wondering, or wishing, employees can finally take action with confidence.

How it Works

Connect with Down-to-Earth Financial Professionals. No Sales. No Pressure.
  • Download the App

    Employees receive exclusive access to the MoneyAdvice@Work® mobile application. All they have to do is download it from their app store.

  • Select an Advisor

    Inside the app, employees can meet our advisors and select the one that best fits their lifestyle and personality.

  • Create a Plan

    Our advisors will reach out to your employees, helping them jump-start their own, personalized financial plan.

  • Stay Engaged

    Ongoing communication between employees and their advisors means employees finally have one place for all their financial concerns.

Powerful Benefit, No Disruption

Diverse geographic locations, varied shift schedules, production demands…

There are a lot of obstacles to offering personalized benefits. MoneyAdvice@Work® makes those complications disappear. Your employees experience the power of a personal advisor and great financial content and resources, customized to their individual lifestyles.

Features and Benefits

Experience the Difference of Sales-Free Financial Advice

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