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MoneyAdvice@Work® Financial Wellness Services

Francis Investment Counsel’s MoneyAdvice@Work® Financial Wellness Services are driven by our Firm’s desire to help the employees of our clients become better family finance managers. Our team of Money Advisors understands the challenges that come with making personal financial decisions. They focus on delivering sales-free adult financial education and ERISA fiduciary advice in ways that are practical, engaging, and fun.

What MoneyAdvice@Work® Looks Like:

Group MoneyAdvice Events

Whether on-site or delivered remotely, employees enjoy holistic financial education that’s relevant and interactive.

Personal MoneyAdvice Sessions

Meeting one-on-one, employees benefit from conflict-free financial advice delivered within the safety of a sales-free environment.

Annual Plan and Review

Efforts are tracked and reported back to plan sponsors. We document the year’s goals and activities, report utilization and actions taken, and make recommendations for the following year.

Ongoing Tools and Resources

From videos and webinars to newsletters and calculators, the financial tools and resources that keep employees engaged are at their fingertips.

Why Financial Wellness Matters

Our Firm’s roots in retirement plan consulting opened our eyes to a tremendous need. We saw everyday people lacking objective financial advice from professionals they could trust. Our overall philosophy is driven by our sincere desire to develop personal relationships with employees of all income levels, providing them financial advice within a sales-free environment. Combined with years of experience, original content, and flexible delivery, our MoneyAdvice@Work® service offering helps organizations take care of what matters most: their people.

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Whether we’re consulting to your retirement plan committee or providing education to a room full of your employees, our advice is always objective and in your best interest. When you partner with us, we will take care of your plan and what matters most: your employees.