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Tim Shirk

Hi, I’m Tim Shirk.

Like many of you, my life hasn’t turned out the way I thought it would. I grew up in Northern California as the youngest of five kids. I went to the Moody Bible Institute of Chicago where I obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Missionary Aviation Technology. While spending 12 years as a flight instructor and mechanic at companies that had no retirement benefits, I learned how hard and confusing it can be to plan for retirement. During that time I also learned that I enjoy making complex subjects simple and helping individuals achieve their goals. Since then I have gone back to school, picked up a Certified Financial Planner® designation, and spent over a decade helping people like you achieve their financial goals.

Things you might like to know about me . . .

I am defined by my faith in God, my love for my wife, and my habit of living vicariously through my kids.

I believe that if God had meant us to be on Facebook, he would have made us all photogenic, rich, and likeable.

I drive the speed limit in the right lane because I left early enough and enjoy the Wisconsin scenery – you should try it some time.

All deference to wine lovers, the only thing that gets better with age is a book. It is more complex, has a better smell, and stronger finish; especially if it was translated from a dead language.

If it is confusing, study it; if it is passing, ignore it; if it is painful, pray about it; if it is eternal, sing about it; and if you can’t sing well, sing loud!

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