January 12, 2022
9:00am – 2:30pm
AMU 163
Lunch will be served

Human Resources is excited to introduce a new financial wellness event for our Marquette faculty and staff!


Let’s Get Retirement ReadyThere’s a lot to consider when planning for this new phase of life. This class will help you navigate lifestyle changes to make sure you achieve the retirement dream you desire.
MedicareLearn about the different parts of Medicare and how they work together. How much will it cost? How do I pick a Medicare Advantage or Medigap Plan? What IS a Medigap Plan? This class addresses the key ins and outs of Medicare to empower you to make good decisions. Plus, we’ll discuss health care options for those retiring before Medicare eligibility.
Social SecurityBetween the confusion of what benefits you’re entitled to and when, as well as the future of Social Security, there are many opinions and questions out there. This class will untangle the basics of Social Security and help you plan for your future by detailing what benefits to expect in retirement.
Q&A with Marquette Benefits TeamHere’s your chance to get all your employee benefit questions answered by a seasoned Marquette benefits team.
How to Turn on Retirement Income You’ve spent your career building savings for retirement. Now, it’s time to create a plan for turning those savings into an income that will last a lifetime. Join us to learn strategies for converting your savings into retirement income and to better understand your 403(b) distribution options.

This event is free of charge for Marquette employees, but reservations are required.

About the educators: Classes will be led by Marquette’s 403(b) retirement plan investment consultant, Francis Investment Counsel. Their MoneyAdvice@Work® team provides financial education programs within the workplace without any hidden sales angles. They do not sell or broker any consumer financial products. Their team of experienced educators make learning about money fun!

MoneyAdvice@Work® is offered through Francis Investment Counsel, a Registered Investment Adviser with the SEC.