Market Update & Informational Resources (Video)

Market Update & Informational Resources (Video)



Market Update for March 19, 2020

Where are we at? What’s the way forward?

Ed McIlveen provides a market update, touching on the impact of anticipated GDP decline and the importance of the yield curve.

To help you cut through the information overload, feel free to check out some of the following resources:

Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding
Epidemiologist and health economist
Follow on Twitter @DrEricDing

Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Author of The Black Swan and several other outstanding books on risk
Focused on probability (philosophy), probability (mathematics), probability (logic),and probability (real life)
Follow on Twitter @nntaleb

Dave Collum
Professor of Organic Chemistry at Cornell University
Follow on Twitter @DavidBCollum

Tracy Alloway
Financial journalist at Bloomberg
Knack for delivering interesting content in chart form
Follow on Twitter @tracyalloway

Video Content
Nassim & Yaneer discuss super spreaders, optimism on lock downs, & ergodicity
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