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Liz Aidoo

“Hagamos todos una solo bandera, todos
Derribemos fronteras, todos
Por un mundo mejor” – Juanes

¡Hola! I’m Liz, and for those of you that don’t speak Spanish, the quote above is from my favorite Juanes song, “Bandera de Manos,” which emphasizes breaking down barriers to achieve equality and global unity.

I studied Communications and Spanish at Seton Hall University and jumped at the offer to be a teaching assistant for Intercultural Communications in my last year of college. Experiencing and understanding other cultures has always been extremely important to me. Upon graduating, I moved to Costa Rica where I got my TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate and began my career as an international educator. I taught in Costa Rica, Ecuador, Turkey and Ghana. I probably would’ve continued teaching abroad, but fate had other plans in mind. While in Ghana, I met the most incredible human being on the planet, and somehow convinced him to marry me. Even better, I convinced him to move to Wisconsin in November at the start of what turned out to be a very cold, long winter even for Wisconsin standards.

Fast forward a few years, and he is still here toughing out the winters with me- phew! We ended up having the sweetest baby girl and continuing our work as educators. Since moving to Wisconsin from Ghana, I taught Spanish for three years at a Montessori school. While it was incredibly rewarding being able to spread my knowledge and love for Spanish speaking cultures, I knew there was more that I wanted to do. I am passionate about helping people understand and reach their money goals. It is so exciting and rewarding to help others in this often confusing area, especially after experiencing many different cultures where these skills are so limited, if not completely absent.

Because of this, many families, particularly immigrant families like my own, have to find a way to financially support their parents, in-laws or siblings. I want to help you break the cycle and prepare for your own retirement so that your children or family members are free from that financial burden, and you can live the best years of your life stress-free as you deserve.

¡Confia conmigo, podemos hacerlo juntos!

Tim Shirk

Hi, I’m Tim Shirk.

Like many of you, my life hasn’t turned out the way I thought it would. I grew up in Northern California as the youngest of five kids. I went to the Moody Bible Institute of Chicago where I obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Missionary Aviation Technology. While spending 12 years as a flight instructor and mechanic at companies that had no retirement benefits, I learned how hard and confusing it can be to plan for retirement. During that time I also learned that I enjoy making complex subjects simple and helping individuals achieve their goals. Since then I have gone back to school, picked up a Certified Financial Planner® designation, and spent over a decade helping people like you achieve their financial goals.

Things you might like to know about me . . .

I am defined by my faith in God, my love for my wife, and my habit of living vicariously through my kids.

I believe that if God had meant us to be on Facebook, he would have made us all photogenic, rich, and likeable.

I drive the speed limit in the right lane because I left early enough and enjoy the Wisconsin scenery – you should try it some time.

All deference to wine lovers, the only thing that gets better with age is a book. It is more complex, has a better smell, and stronger finish; especially if it was translated from a dead language.

If it is confusing, study it; if it is passing, ignore it; if it is painful, pray about it; if it is eternal, sing about it; and if you can’t sing well, sing loud!

Matthew Vandre

What’s up! I’m Matt. I believe life is a journey and that each day is a new opportunity for adventure, self-identification, forgiveness, and better choices.

A member of the MoneyAdvice@Work® Team, I help individuals and families across the United States learn to feel good about their money relationships and accomplish their dreams through a unique blend of teaching, advising, and coaching.

Inquisitive by nature and a lifelong academic, my study of social economics and family financial behavior and counseling have earned me an Associate’s, Bachelor’s, and Master’s degree, along with a handful of designations and certificates, and provided me with a unique insight into the psychological aspects of money.

A “people person” and dedicated to helping others, I’m a husband, father of five, Veteran of the historic Wisconsin Army National Guard 32nd “Red Arrow” Brigade, a Bible teacher and ministry coordinator for Waukesha Bible Church, and I provide ongoing financial education and coaching to area “at risk” high school seniors through Secure Futures – Wisconsin.

Never one to run from a challenge, I’ve climbed mountains, swam with alligators, tamed wild beasts, conquered debt, and found reason for hope where none existed before. I’m a Tough Mudder, and although I haven’t seen it all, I’ve seen a lot. So bring me your questions and tell me your dreams, because together we’ve got this money thing!

Jay Voigt

I love it when my participants have their “Aha” moments; whether it is finally understanding their credit score, discovering a path out of their financial hole, or learning to manage their retirement plan.

I am good at helping people come up with a strategy to accomplish their goals. I work hard to turn complicated information into understandable and usable action items. I want to see your actions and your work result in success. I want that success to translate into a financially rewarding life and ultimately the retirement of your dreams.

I am a Certified Financial Planner® practitioner and have been working in the financial services area since 1998. Prior to joining Francis Investment Counsel, I spent 7 years providing financial education and counseling to Service Members and their families.

I hold a Bachelors degree in Business Administration from Cardinal Stritch University (Magna Cum Laude graduate) and a Masters of Business Administration with a finance focus from the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater.

I am a proud Navy Veteran, a devoted uncle to 5 nephews and 3 nieces, and lucky enough to be married to the woman of my dreams. When I am not teaching people about money, I am teaching them to ski. Much like financial planning, skiing is about mastering the basics and adapting to changes in the terrain. Schedule a time to work with me; together, we can conquer your mountain.

Eric Hencley

Hey, I’m Eric, and my passion is helping people plan and achieve their financial goals. Growing up in Wisconsin’s Northwood’s with a hunger for adventure, I joined the Air Force shortly after graduating high school. For 21 years, I traveled the globe to places I can’t tell you about, doing things about which I am sworn to secrecy. Some of my proudest moments were in support of Operations Enduring Freedom, Iraqi Freedom, New Dawn and Combined Joint Task Force Horn of Africa.

While home on leave, I was inspired by a lightbulb moment at the Rhinelander Taco Bell to use my experience and skills learned doing awesome things in the Air Force to live better and help others do the same, so I began preparing for a new career in financial planning by completing a bachelor’s degree in business from Wayland Baptist University and an MBA from Liberty University in Virginia. I also hold a Certified Financial Planner® designation.

After retiring from the Air Force, I became a Private Wealth Consultant in Salt Lake City, Utah. However, my desire to once again fish, hunt and generally just be in Wisconsin’s Northwood’s with my wife and two boys haunted my dreams. So, you can imagine my excitement when I had the opportunity to work and live back home in Wisconsin.

Today I’m living the dream, and as a change of life expert, I would love to help you do the same.

Alex Moen

Lifelong Learner, Sincere Strategist

Hi!  I have a passion for learning and a desire to help others succeed.  I’m guilty of being a bit of a perfectionist, but I take pride in furthering my knowledge base to better serve others.  I am able to bring a unique perspective to the industry as I have experience being a recordkeeper, consultant, advisor, and an educator.  The finance and retirement world can be complex and confusing! I can help translate “industry jargon” to make it understandable and clear for you.

I hold a bachelor’s degree and an MBA from the University of Minnesota.  Go Gophers!  I am a lifelong Minnesotan with a large, tight-knit family that I love spending time with, especially my very entertaining nieces!  In my free time, you can usually find me cooking, trying a new brewery or up north at the cabin.

One of the most interesting parts of my job is learning about people; goals, dreams, concerns, and everything in between. I believe it’s all about working together and creating an individualized plan of attack.  We all know plans and timelines change, sometimes without notice, but I will be ready to roll up my sleeves and get to work helping you navigate the path to your dreams.  Just let me know how I can be of assistance!

Kelli Send

Hey there! I’m a super enthusiastic adult educator and financial coach with a passion for helping people make sense of their money. As one of the founders of our company, I’ve seen so many people left confused, and even worse – frozen – by this intimidating issue in their lives. Money doesn’t have to be that way. We founded Francis Investment Counsel to help people with their family finances without the sales pitch and financial jargon.

I’m a master juggler with a passion for this business, my spouse and kids, and my church. I’ve been a soccer and football mom, Irish dancing mom, and I’m currently a proud high school and college track mom! I know the struggles of trying to manage a career, kids, and a household.

I’m originally from Traverse City, Michigan, and a graduate of Michigan State University (go Spartans!). After several years of building and delivering workplace financial education programs, I went back to school to earn a Masters of Adult Education from Carroll University. I’ve authored research on the impact of financial education and advice in the workplace and I hold a Certified Financial Planner® designation.

My happy place is the top of a mountain with boards on my feet (plus, Disney World, of course!).

Reach out. Together, we can do this thing!

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