Previously Recorded Webinars

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Why is Everyone Talking about Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)?

Join us for a look at how an HSA can score you a triple tax break, save you money on healthcare expenses, and help you save for retirement.

Women and Money

Have you ever felt lost in financial terms and just want a safe space to learn? Ladies, this one is for you. Attend this webinar to gain financial confidence in a judgment free zone.

Investing in Inflationary Times

With inflation running at 40 year highs, are you making the right moves to ensure your money is keeping up? Join us as we look at how to approach investing in a high inflation environment.

Plan it Forward

Talking about and planning for the passing of money between family members can be tricky. But it is so important to take care of this today so that your family’s financial future isn’t disrupted. Join us to learn how to plan your money forward.

Giving More Generously

In this class you’ll learn about charitable remainder trusts, donor advised funds, and qualified charitable distributions as well as how you and your charities can benefit from them.

Why Saving Roth May Make Sense

Are you concerned about taxes taking a sizeable bite out of your investments? Join us as we look at the benefits of utilizing the Roth tax treatment and why this may make sense for your retirement accounts.

Pre-Retirement Checklist

Retirement is an exciting time of change and new beginnings for you and your money. But planning starts well before you are eligible for AARP membership! Join us to explore a comprehensive pre-launch checklist to make sure you are completing all the necessary tasks to be ready for your new beginning: life after work.

Build Wealth by Fighting Lifestyle Creep

Did you get a raise or promotion? Did all that new income seem to just disappear? We call this lifestyle creep. Join us for a discussion on this phenomenon and ways to mitigate the negative effects on wealth building.

Retirement Rules of Thumb

Join us for a discussion on several commonly accepted retirement and savings rules of thumb. We will discuss the origin of these rules, the strengths and weaknesses and how they may apply to your individual situation.

Can We Stay King of the Hill?

The dollar remains the world’s reserve currency affording the United States the near-term ability to print and spend money at a torrid pace. How long can this last? Join this class for a discussion about potential effects of recent economic stimulus programs.

What You Need to Know About Repaying Student Loans

Congratulations on your graduation! Now is the time to start thinking about a plan to pay off your college debt. Attend this class to learn about the many payment options and develop a strategy to put the debt behind you.

What’s the Deal with Crypto?

In this class you’ll learn what cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin actually are, who the major players are, and why they’ve become so popular. We’ll also explore the future of cryptocurrencies and discuss if investing is a good idea.

All About Medicare

Learn about the different parts of Medicare and how they work together. How much will it cost? How do I pick a Medicare Advantage or Medigap Plan? What IS a Medigap Plan? This webinar addresses the key ins and outs of Medicare to empower you to make good decisions.

How to Juggle Family Money Needs

With college costs on the rise, one common goal for parents is to ensure the kids aren’t saddled with debt when they graduate. Yet those same workers may have parents, in-laws or other family members who need financial support now, and of course, they need to save for their own retirement. Join this webinar to learn how to balance these and other savings goals while still paying for today’s family needs.

Making the Most of Social Security

Between the confusion of what benefits you’re entitled to and when, as well as the future of Social Security, there are many opinions and questions out there. This webinar will untangle the basics of Social Security and help you plan for your future by detailing what benefits to expect in retirement and how to make the most of them.

Help Your Money Avoid the Holiday Hangover

Better money management is a common new year’s resolution. Join this class to learn how to cure the post-holiday money hangover and get tips for doing money better next holiday season.