Bring financial wellness to life.

Offering a financial wellness benefit is a smart decision,
for your employees, your business, and your bottom-line.

Confidence for today, freedom
for the future.

Financial wellness is about more than a retirement plan.
We help employees with their entire financial picture.

Sales-free money advice
from a real person.

Our Money Advisors have nothing to sell. They meet one-on-one
with employees and provide personalized financial advice.

The benefits landscape is changing. The talent pool is shrinking. With the right approach, financial wellness can be more than a fad to gain a competitive edge. It can be a valued benefit for your people and your bottomline.

No two organizations are exactly the same. No two financial wellness benefits are, either. Our MoneyAdvice@Work® services give you the flexibility to custom-build a meaningful benefit for your employees.

Our Money Advisors are real people who share one priority: To help employees become better family finance managers.

Money Messages

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Francis Investment Counsel’s MoneyAdvice@Work® Team.